WeatherCall Mobile :: How we're different

Site Specific Warnings

WeatherCall ToGo® and WeatherCall ToGo Lightning issue highly localized, site specific warnings. The radar image below illustrates this important WeatherCall Togo advantage. Instead of notifying everyone in both counties (white borders), only WeatherCall ToGo subscribers located inside the much smaller National Weather Service warning area (red borders) are notified.

Storm Based Warnings

24/7 Active Notifications

Like the original WeatherCall service for your home or business location, as a WeatherCall ToGo subscriber you will be called in the middle of the night to alert you if a potentially life threatening storm is approaching your precise location, even if your power is out.

No other mobile consumer severe weather warning notification service can provide this level of site specific precision and accuracy, no matter where your smart phone’s location has been set in the lower 48 states.

For WeatherCall ToGo Lightning subscribers, our system continually monitors lightning strike locations and compares them to your currently reported location.

Whenever a lightning strike occurs within 6 miles of your currently reported location, our system notifies you by either a phone call or SMS text message to your smartphone (or both depending on how your notification settings have been configured).

Our system then immediately begins recording how much time has passed since the most recent nearby lightning strike. When 15 minutes have passed since the most recent nearby lightning strike, you will be notified again that it is safe to resume activities.

Mobile Location Updates

WeatherCall Togo and WeatherCall ToGo Lightning allow subscribers to easily update their precise location so our monitoring system will always know where you are and be able to notify you any time there are warnings in your immediate area.